Digital Kendra

Digital Kendra

CIGS, in over a decade, gained invaluable insights into the requirements & aspirations of the un-served and underserved segments of the society; further, it has acquired vast experience in establishing and managing efficiently a large network of Agents, spread over a vast geography. Banking on these huge assets, CIGS has developed the concept of Digital Kendra, to accelerate the non-linear growth it has been aspiring to achieve.

CIGS Digital Kendra would be a single-stop shop, offering a range of Assisted Services to the general public and providing Market Intelligence to Corporate.  The services proposed to be offered to the general public include Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Bill Payment, e-Commerce, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, etc.  It would also help market the local products and produce across a wider geography.

A Digital Kendra would typically be set-up at a strategically located place that would have the potential of, in and around, about 1,500 active customers.

It is proposed to have two types of Digital Kendra Outlets:

  • Company Owned and Company Operated; and
  • Outsourced to Agents / Franchisees.

While CIGS would make the necessary investments for the COCO Outlets, the Franchisees would meet the investment requirements of other Outlets.    In order to rollout the Digital Kendra Outlets in a systematic manner and promote the business, Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers and Regional Managers would be appointed.  These well networked CIGS Digital Kendra Outlets with solid customer base would offer unlimited possibilities over the years to come.

Thus, CIGS Digital Kendra would be contributing substantially to the growth of business and also, be offering excellent value propositions in the long-term.