In order to accelerate the growth, CIGS would transform into a Holding Company, under the brand name, Techinnovations, that would be listed in the Stock Exchange(s).  The following plans have been laid out, to achieve the same:


India is already home to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing bases of digital consumers and is digitizing faster than many mature and emerging economies.

CIGS has gained deep insights of the Indian Diaspora from both consumer’s perspective and enterprise perspective by virtue of its presence across the nation.

CIGS’ goal is to build a large organization by acquiring and nurturing a series of high growth emerging tech companies through a publicly listed vehicle.

While this would help grow CIGS inorganically, the Subsidiary / Associate Companies would reap rich benefits through greater access to growth capital, liquidity to its promoters & investors, business growth through cross-selling opportunities, economies of scale achieved through centralization of common functions, like, Accounting, Audit, Compliance, Governance, etc.

Ultimately, CIGS may have anywhere between 12 & 20 such Companies under its fold.

The well-diversified, optimum numbers of acquisitions offer excellent protection against any unforeseen shocks that may be experienced by certain sectors and also, against unpredictable failure of any of the individual Investee Companies; thus, the evolving business model would de-risk investments to the maximum extent possible.


CIGS will acquire at least 51% of high growth tech companies which fall under its investment thesis and have the potential to be a PAT positive unicorn in 5 years.  (However, CIGS may also hold lesser stake in Companies with exceptional value proposition, but where 51% stake holding is not feasible.)

At the time of acquisition, these companies would generating revenue and PAT positive or at least with the visibility of becoming PAT positive in about a year’s time post acquisition.

Post acquisition, CIGS’ experienced management team will work together with these Companies’ Founders. to help them scale up; their growth will be accelerated in a sustainable manner by means of carefully laid-out business strategies and growth capital.

Investment Thesis

Primary focus areas of acquisition will be across the following sectors:

  1. FinTech
  2. HealthTech
  3. AgriTech
  4. EduTech

The prospective investee Companies shall be into emerging technologies, such as, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT).    These Tech Start-ups should have either proven track record or solid order book or firm tie-ups, viable, started & nurtured by Technocrats and having excellent & committed Management Team.